Friday, February 15, 2008

Darwin Uber Alles

I was going to post on this nonsense, but my excellent co-blogger beat me to it. Shannon's critique is superbly done, and he is one of the reasons I'm happy to be numbered among the contributors to the ChicagoBoyz.

Dr. Campolo was Clinton's former "spiritual advisor", proving that ahistorical, anti-scientific nonsense can come from either the right or the left. Way to go, "Dr." Campolo - you're helping the religious right make an excellent case to the rest of the country that religious types really don't belong in the arena of political discourse, because we don't do our homework. One question - did you ever make it past the prologue to "On the Origin of Species"? A word to the wise - making book reports based on reading the dust jacket and a few Cliff's notes might suffice for high school and whatever podunk religious college you attended, but on these-hyar Intarweebs, actual experts who, you know, actually have read and internalized the subject matter, are going to read your blatherings. And rip you a new one.

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