Friday, March 20, 2009


I belong to a group of friends who call themselves the UCF, after a long-running joke that started over on John Scalzi's forum. You can see the logo one of our members made for us over on the side bar.

Yesterday, one of our number suffered a terrible personal loss, and we're noting that and nothing more on our blogs today.

Take time to appreciate those around you who make your life worth living, for truly no one knows what will happen tomorrow.

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Contributing Author said...

I love "So why prolong the pass? I know there’s a Jersey barrier on your left and a swaying rig full of gasoline on the other side, but pretend you’re in the Death Star trench or something. The longer you stay in that situation, the more likely it becomes that when you get to heaven, God will be saying “That was awesome, I saw the fireball from up HERE”." What's worse is when someone blocks you in by the semi.