Thursday, May 28, 2009

An old-timey Victor Bout post

9Q-CSA is, or was, an Antonov 26 with a Victor Bout pedigree operated by Services Air in the Congo. On 26 May, it crashed at Isiro-Matari, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DROC), killing the three Russian crew members. A Congolese loadmaster suffered severe injuries.
Isiro is in the war-torn northeast DROC, in the midst of the prime mineral-smuggling region of the Congo. It is very possible 9Q-CSA crashed because it was overloaded with coltan or casserite, valuable minerals essential in the production of electronics that are the most lucrative natural resources of that part of the Congo.

"Services Air" is a Kinshasa-based air cargo and passenger airline founded by Congolese warlord Kpama Baramoto, who had been former President Mobutu's secret police chief. They are a comparatively active in the DROC, having recently acquired four ex-Fed Ex 727s.
9Q-CSA was leased from OBC (Original Butt Company) Aerolift. It is the third (count 'em, 3) Antonov connected with Victor Bout crashed in the Congo by Services Air. The others were An-12s 9Q-CER, crashed at Mbuji-Mayi, DROC in 2006, and the famous 9Q-CIH, formerly 9L-LEC, the actual An-12 used in the movie "Lord of War", in which Nicolas Cage played Victor Butt, which crashed at Entebbe in 2005. That's about as distinguished a connection with Victor as you can get.


John the Scientist said...

Viktor's still in Thailand, right?

Is he selling off assets, or has someone else taken control of his holdings? (His brother, perhaps?)

CW said...

Yup he's still in jail as far as I know. His brother and key associates are still in business, presumably on his behalf. I don't know if he is able to communicate with his homeys about business from jail though. My guess is he's probably able to do it sometimes.

The Weismann said...

Those who do not know are the bread and butter of the regimes that aim to dominate the world; regimes like the United States and previously the Soviet Union. Both want to dominate and exploit with the differences of ideology, slogan, and propaganda. The US-style democracy is no different than the Soviet-style socialism; well with the exceptions of McDonalds and slavery consumerism.

As to Viktor Bout matter, those who are wasting band-width on repeating the left-over of Bush propaganda are blessed with ignorance. They talk as they were well-informed while in reality what they now is nothing. Here’s a quiz for your basic knowledge:

When was Viktor Bout arrested? If you say March 6, 2008 you are wrong! He was arrested on April 29, 2008 – about two month after his illegal detention. Need evidence? See the request of the request for extradition submitted by the US Embassy in Thailand….. The type of March 6th illegal detention handed to Bout, is what await all of those supporting the US definition of democracy should they decide to be “unslaved” from “consumerism.” Here another quiz:

What did the US government do to cause Bout illegal arrest on March 6th? They either conspired or “officially” lied to the Thai government by telling them that Viktor is a terrorist! Still need to see evidence, suite yourself and see a copy of the letter sent by the US Embassy in Thailand to cause the arrest of Viktor. (source: Need More? Here’s more

Did Robert Zaharievitch the “DEA Lead Agent” lied under oath in his Thai court testimony? Say “YES” with 1000% confidence (see highlighted paragraph in page 4.) One “unquestionable” lie is said to be concerning whether Viktor had a business registered in the United States. The US government acting outside the US legal system by OFAC seized a CPA accounting practice, used-car dealership, and a swimming pool cleaning business among others from a US Army veteran named Richard Chichakli and claimed that Chichakli’s businesses belong to Viktor Bout! Evidence… they provided none but they wanted you to take their word for it. So he is Bout cleaning swimming pool and selling used cars, and …… perhaps if you are lucky enough you may get Viktor Bout to prepare your next tax return pretending to be your trusty CPA.