Sunday, October 25, 2009

Homemade satellite imagery

Haven't had any of this in a while. This is from NOAA17, which has been a consistently reliable performer. There are newer birds up now, NOAA18 and NOAA19, but they haven't seemed be as strong. NOAA 19, in particular, seldom produces good images. I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong.

Anyway I'm ready for some nice clear fall weather!


John the Scientist said...

Heh, I like how there are no "major city dots" in WVA. :D

And yeah, here's to a quiet fall. A big one hits my area every 60 years or so.

The last one was in 1938.

Tom said...

I love images like that. The state line and latitude/longitude overlays make it easier to interpret!

What causes the black staticy east/west areas?

MWT said...

Yay processing artifacts. :)

I don't know about the NOAA satellites, but in the ones I used to work from (SeaWiFS and MODIS), there were often artifacts from image edges. The satellites take the pics in swaths, and the middle is generally the best part. The edges between swaths don't always line up perfectly.

What software did you use to make that one?

CW said...

Processing artifacts are from the masking of my antenna, which is masked at various azimuths by the roof, the trees, and the terrain around here. Software is wxtoimg, which is the best i've used, and it's also free. My crappy antenna also has a null at perigee, so I get noise there as well.