Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Little Advice

...from Uncle John.

If the frog in your throat is making you sound like the ghost of Barry White being run through a wood chipper, you might be tempted to soothe your vocal chords with alcohol.

And if, as a moderate drinker, all the strong liquor you had in the house amounted to a finger of Jim Beam, a finger of Johnny Walker Black, and a large amount of the rotgut Sobieski in a plastic bottle that your wife uses as cooking vodka, you might be tempted to mix all of those into a three finger kill-the-germs gargle / cocktail.

Yielding to that temptation would be so, so wrong, on so many levels.

Just sayin'. o.O


Random Michelle K said...

I've frequently read that you should never cook with alcohol you wouldn't drink.

That said, feel free to stop by my place, I've got an adequate (if dusty) liquor collection.

Nathan said...

Who do you think you're fooling John? We all know you have a preference for putting things into your mouth that others...wouldn't.

WendyB_09 said...

That hurts from here.

However, if you persist in that line, I've got about 2 shots of Jack Daniels, half a bottle of Ancient Age bourbon I use for cooking (or when I'm out of Jack and desparate) and about half a bottle of Kirsh. Oh, and two bottles of the local Chateau Elan white varietal.

Ilya said...

All of your years in Russia, and you still cannot take weird combinations of alcohol...

John the Scientist said...

You know, Ilya, it was rather reminiscent of some of the samogon I drank over there. :D