Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Is Global Warming Dead?

Long time readers may recall I have been sceptical about the data behind the theories global warming for a while.

It now turns out that scepticism was well founded: the data was falsified.

The recent hack of the Hadley Climate Research Unit produced a gold mine of evidence against the main proponents of global warming, including hockey-stick proponent Michael Mann.

The most damning revelation to date, however, is known as the "harry_read_me.txt" file. It is a long rambling discussion that essentially says that the available data does not indicate global warming at all - much less anthropogenic global warming - and the conclusions being drawn by key researchers are simply not supported by the evidence. And this is from someone "on the inside" of an organization that is one of the key proponents of so-called climate change.

I have said this before: claims about global warming are not about science, they are about politics. Somebody somewhere figured out that if you control the use of energy you control the world - and some of those somebodies are trying to use bad science to control the world.

The question now is whether they will still get away with it now that it has been revealed that they were deliberately lying. I think there's a real good chance that they will.


Dr. Phil (Physics) said...

Sorry. The hacks don't prove what you say they prove.

But thanks for playing the home game!

Dr. Phil

CW said...

They don't? There is a heck of a lot of data and information that has come out, and I have read most of it. While much of it is hard to decipher, I can't see that any of it supports the idea of anthropogenic climate change.

Also don't misunderstand my attitude: I'm very much an environmentalist who supports doing all kinds of stuff to reduce pollution and protect the planet. But global warming is about controlling access to wealth, not environmentalism.

Dr. Phil (Physics) said...

They don't.

Dr. Phil