Monday, August 18, 2008

TS Fay, Update 3, 18 Aug 1200L

Fay made a hard right turn overnight, in front of the high pressure ridge moving eastward in the Gulf, and now has the Adios Airways Southern HQ (formerly Intergalactic HQ) directly in the crosshairs.

It's only reporting 40 kts of wind at Sombrero Reef, however, about 20 miles from the Southern HQ, so it isn't all that threatening. Reports from our agents in the keys describe fairly benign conditions so far.

The National Hurricane Center is calling the initial intensity at 50 knots in the latest discussion. It probably isn't going to get any weaker before it gets to the west coast of Florida, probably around Ft Myers. It will probably intensify, but probably not explosively like we saw from Charlie in 2004.

I wish I were in a position to take some original satellite images of the storm - those are often very illustrative in situations like this - but I'm on the road and can't easily do it.

Also I have no idea what John is talking about :)

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Jeri said...

CW - This is what John is talking about. If John is really who you think he is. ;)