Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Fourth

I was wondering what to write about the Spirit of ’76 that had not been done to death, when inspiration hit me.

The gift that I am grateful for most from the Founder is Evolution. This American system, more than any other system proposed in history, allows the individual freedom to operate and create new things. To not be dominated by an elite who directs evolution in the “correct” direction.

The intellectuals among us focus on the surface manifestations of this gift, but the fundamental gift is from Hamilton – the possibility of economic evolution.

A mechanism to maintain diversity of thought is America’s greatest contribution to the world.

As a conservative-leaning Christian who is not at all happy with the right wing of the Republican Party, I have to say that it gave me great glee to hit upon this idea.

So Alexander, George, John, Thomas, James, John, Ben, and all the rest – thank you. I hope we continue to evolve into something you would be proud of.