Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thanks, CW

We usually don't get a lot of strange hits on this blog, it's not high-traffic enough. Usually the non-regular hits are for CW's aviation stuff or the mixed nuts of the Wagnerite faction who repeatedly refresh the pages and drive up our hit counts, as if refreshing the page will suddenly make a post agreeing with them appear on this site, just like the pink dragons that the LHC will create once the magnet is fixed.

We've had lot of hits lately for CW's space post, too. But I don't get the naked Sarah Palin searches that weird Jim out so much.

However, and this is all CW's fault, we've been getting these lately:

does obama believe the greys are here since roswell and before

Answer - No. As much as I disagree with and dislike the man (and that's probably not as much as some of you think and more than others think), he's not stupid and he's not insane. Get some help or start taking your meds more regularly, dude.

And that goes for you, too:

obama alien agenda

The only alien agenda Obama has will have to do with Mexicans.

Update: Great Googly Moogly, it just doesn't stop:

obama will say truth about extraterrestrial

Yes. Yes he will. But only if you deposit $100,000 in my bank account. :D

And this? o.O

lin miao ke obama

Yanno, I've been known to call Obama a Socialist from time to time, but I really don't think he has an "in" with the CCP.

And this one either reveals a deep, deep and disturbing misunderstanding of fundamental biology (and a lot of pity on my part for this dude's pets), or it reveals a lack of Google-fu, because the keywords "genetic engineering" were left out:

deer and dogs interbreeding

One I just have no clue about, I think Michelle or Eric might have inspired it:

shirken island cows

although, as far as I can tell, the only reason we come up on that search is that the California statute CW cited in his Regulating Ninjas post mis-spelled SHURIKEN as shirken.

And Howard Dean needs to stop self-Googling:


because I don't think he meant to land on my post about Walter Wagner. So, what kind of weird hits do y'all get?

(Jim - keep yours to yourself. Even if you've actually got the naked Sarah Palin pics. We know what you weirdos get up to in those Alaskan sweat lodges, yes we do. :D)


vince said...


Perhaps that was actually mkeant to be "Thundercats hoooooo!"

mattw said...

Damn, Vince beat me to it.

Random Michelle K said...

You're welcome.

Eric said...

But... but... but... then where do deerhounds come from? Huh? You have an answer for that, Mr. Science Guy? Where do deerhounds come from?


More seriously, "shirken island cows" bothered me. What the hell were people looking for? I tried Googling "shirken island cows," only to discover this post was already the top result; nothing else looked promising. Then I tried "shirken island"--and there was the clue and ultimately the solution, midway down the page:

"Shirken Island" is either a misspelling of or variant spelling for Sherkin Island, an island in County Cork, Ireland. (I note that it may be an old variant because at least one of the things I stumbled into was an official-looking transcript of a parliamentary debate in which that spelling was used; or it may have been an error in the transcript.)

And, yes, Sherkin Island appears to be notable for its cows. Wikipedia tells us there are too many cows to permit a helicopter field on the island. More importantly, it appears that at least one professional photographer sells prints of a rather nice picture he took of some cows sunning themselves on a beach at Sherkin Island, which I suspect is what "shirkin island cows" searchers are seeking. Additionally, it turns out there's also a location on the island called "The Cow Strand."

Looks like a nice enough place, anyway, so I can see why people are interested in it.

Anyway, I think that's one mystery solved on a light morning.

Eric said...

Sorry, think I used a bum link on Google Maps. Here's Sherkin Island, for reals this time.

vince said...

What? No footnotes Eric?

John the Scientist said...

Good detective work, Eric.

I still think you may be called to represent the "interbreeding" guy on an animal cruelty charge someday. :D

MWT said...

I'm waiting for him to start footnoting his footnotes. ;)

Haven't checked my counter lately, so, nothing weird to report. Usually people are just looking for "Mandarin teaching alphabet" or (for some reason I don't at all understand) that squirrel picture with the soldier action figures.

Eric said...

The problem with Blogger is that it doesn't really let you set up HTML sidebars. I'm actually considering starting a sideblog for footnotes so you'd just click on the number and it would take you to the note--very 3D information.

It may just be a phase I'm going through. Maybe because of D.F. Wallace's death last year, and he always had awesome footnotes. But there's also the whole, I don't know, layering of information. Things that don't fit in a parenthetical but also sort of seem like they ought to be added.

It may also be something I grow out of.

Tania said...

Thank you all for effectively cleaning out my sinuses.

(Hi John TS!)

Anonymous said...

Wooohoooo! It was all part of the Syndicate's plan for this blog to be #1 for "Osama and Grey Aliens". All of you who don't believe there's a direct connection between Osama, the Greys, and deer and dogs interbreeding clearly haven't been wearing your Tempest Helmets(TM) as regularly as you should.

Jim Wright said...

Yeah, that's nothing.

Between the search strings I get containing the term "jerkoff," the Sarah Palin and Michelle Obama porn searches, and the ET stuff yours is pretty tame.

Also, "frogs to put up my ass."

Also too, variations on Konlobos with a K - I can always tell when that movie is on TV. Right now? It's playing in Denmark on cable.

John the Scientist said...

Uh, Jim, I did say keep yours to yourself.

Seriously? Frogs?

If you post a link your naked Sarah Palin pics in these comments I'll ban you. (That ought to get you some more traffic).